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Month August 2016

What is e-learning?

Until the early 2000s, learning normally took place in a classroom. Any other method of learning was frowned upon and perceived as inferior. Then came the internet and suddenly learning was taken to a whole new level. What is E-Learning… Continue Reading →

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System (LMS) ịs a tool no company or organịzatịon should be wịthout. As we spend more of our tịme onlịne, ịt’s only ịnevịtable that we do our learning onlịne also. After all, when ịt comes to beịng more productịve… Continue Reading →

Are Employers Okay With Online Degrees?

There’s no doubt about it, earning an online degree is a great way to complete your education while working a full-time job. But are employers okay with online degress or are employers today still traditional. Online delivery of course content… Continue Reading →

Online Learning Trend Is Here To Stay

In just the past decade a new trend in higher education has completely shaken the establishment and unlocked access to earning a college degree to those who were previously locked out. That is the online learning trend. Today, it’s very difficult… Continue Reading →

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