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Easily Teach English Online from Home

It’s estimated that there are over 900 million people worldwide who are able to speak and understand English. Although it only comes in second to Chinese in terms of number of speakers, English arguably outshines all other languages in terms… Continue Reading →

The Pyramid of Learning

The Learning Pyramid: Separating Fact from Fiction The learning pyramid is an arrangement of instructional strategies according to the average retention rate. It consists of the following: lecture (5%), reading (10%), audio-visual (20%), demonstration (30%), discussion group (50%), practice by… Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Online Makeup Courses for Free

How to Choose an Online Makeup School With the advancement of technology, fashionistas and business enthusiasts can now enroll in online makeup training to improve their skills. Unlike the regular brick-and-mortar school, open online universities are ideal for people who… Continue Reading →

Top Free LMS Schools and Learning Management Systems Vendors

The Top Free LMS Schools and Learning Management Systems Vendors   Schools nowadays use a Learning Management System (LMS) to complement the lessons in a traditional classroom. In an academy full of millennials that needs change, and so do the… Continue Reading →

Benefits of eCourses and Online Course Development

The Benefits of eCourses eCourses or Electronic Courses have revolutionized the process of learning. They are a prime example of people using technology to make things easier, more efficient, and more effective. Anybody can learn an entire lecture in the… Continue Reading →

How to start an online school, academy and a coaching website

Today’s technology has allowed us to reach unexplored land, connect with acquaintances hundreds of miles away, and learn as if in a classroom-like setting from the comforts of our own home. The concept of online mentoring is fairly new, but… Continue Reading →

What is e-learning?

Until the early 2000s, learning normally took place in a classroom. Any other method of learning was frowned upon and perceived as inferior. Then came the internet and suddenly learning was taken to a whole new level. What is E-Learning… Continue Reading →

Are Employers Okay With Online Degrees?

There’s no doubt about it, earning an online degree is a great way to complete your education while working a full-time job. But are employers okay with online degress or are employers today still traditional. Online delivery of course content… Continue Reading →

Online Learning Trend Is Here To Stay

In just the past decade a new trend in higher education has completely shaken the establishment and unlocked access to earning a college degree to those who were previously locked out. That is the online learning trend. Today, it’s very difficult… Continue Reading →

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