How to Choose an Online Makeup School

With the advancement of technology, fashionistas and business enthusiasts can now enroll in online makeup training to improve their skills. Unlike the regular brick-and-mortar school, open online universities are ideal for people who work full time or are too busy taking care of their family.

They can easily attend their classes by logging in on the Internet. In addition, the costs of credit units, food, and transportation are cheaper.

However, enrolling in an online university of makeup can sometimes be as daunting as enrolling in a regular school because of so many factors to consider. Some offer free online makeup artists courses or basic makeup kits. Some have strict entrance or application requirements, while some will accept you with open arms as long as you have the money.

To help you get started, here are important factors that you need to consider when checking out and choosing from various online makeup courses.


  1. What kind of makeup artist do you want to be?

After completing your education, you can find a lot of jobs in various industries such as weddings, television, retail, film, or fashion. Prosthetics and body painting are also considered as other forms of makeup.

However, the challenge here is knowing where to start. Before enrolling in a professional makeup classes online, ask yourself, “What kind of makeup artist do I want to become?” This will help you plan your course effectively and gain the right skills.

Almost all of these courses, however, share some commonalities. Color theory, safety practices, corrective makeup — there are just some of the lessons that every budding makeup artist needs to learn, no matter what type of specialty they pursue.

  1. Is the school accredited and legal?

Reading online makeup course reviews online is a good step in assessing the quality of the training facility. However, do not rely on these comments solely.

In order to check their standards, some schools voluntarily team up with an independent organization to assess the school and their facilities every few years. Then, a report will be given to the university heads that details the areas for improvements as well as their strong points.

Aside from accreditation, you need to check if the online makeup school is operating legally in your state. Do they have the applicable license to operate as a training facility? Are their training programs duly checked by governing bodies? Some states may also provide consumer protection to their students and force the school to impose fair refund policies.

  1. What are the payment options?

Some makeup training facilities will require their students to pay a hefty fee for the tuition and makeup kit. Before enrolling, carefully read what they offer. Reconsider your options if you spot any vague fees.

If you are not going to be a full-time student and you want to save money, you can also find online makeup courses free. However, these courses are usually short, and you still need to shell out money for the materials. If you want to save, you can get discounts via online makeup courses groupon.

  1. Does the school offer qualifications and certificates?

Makeup artists, especially those who are in the field of cosmetology or beauty therapy, actually need licenses or certificates in order work. In addition, you can increase your chances of getting hired if you can present a certificate that you actually completed a makeup course. So, perhaps it would be best if you choose a program that will enable you to get a makeup artist certification online.