3 Motivations to Start Teaching English Online from Home

It’s estimated that there are over 900 million people worldwide who are able to speak and understand English. Although it only comes in second to Chinese in terms of number of speakers, English arguably outshines all other languages in terms of influence. It is the global language for trade, industry, communication, and cultural exchange.

As more and more foreigners become eager to learn the language, online English teacher jobs have evolved from being obscure sidelines to becoming sustainable careers. If you’re still on the fence about trying it out, here are three reasons that will convince you to be an online English tutor and get paid to teach English online from home.

  1. There’s a high demand for online English tutors.

The strong economies of Asian markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea brought in a rising local middle class with greater purchasing power. More people can now afford to travel abroad to study, find job opportunities, or simply for leisure. There’s also a surging interest in American/English pop culture, especially among the youth. Above all, this upward mobility introduced the need for English language learning and teaching English to Chinese students online.

While there are individuals who are able to immerse themselves in English-speaking countries, some find distance learning more achievable and practical. These learners are most likely part of the middle class workforce, making use of their extra time to learn English.

Because of globalization, there is greater emphasis on communication and connectivity. Being able to speak and understand English is a definite prerequisite towards becoming a global citizen. As people realize this, the demand for English lessons will remain in the picture for years to come.


  1. It’s easy to start and there’s hardly no training involved if you’re already a fluent speaker.

If you’re seeking for a job in teaching English, online companies are ready to take you under their wing. A simple Internet search using the keywords “teaching English online jobs Skype” would lead you to credible working opportunities. The selection process is not too rigorous; proving your language proficiency will only consist of an online test and a short interview.

Most online companies use a booking system where you can customize your class schedules. You can build a good portfolio in the company’s website to attract potential students. If you get good reviews from students, there’s a better likelihood that they will book you again for their next class.

If you’re thinking, “How do I teach English online if I don’t have enough resources?” — don’t fret. Modules and teaching materials are oftentimes already customized by the tutorial company, so there’s no need to stress out on preparing your lessons. There are also times when a student, who is already proficient enough, would prefer to do away with the standard lesson and engage you in a free conversation to elevate his or her communication skills.

  1. You can work at home and manage your own time.

Perhaps the greatest catch when you teach English to foreigners online is working at the convenience of your home. If you’re looking for a perfect work-life blend, then this job suits you — you’re practically your own boss.

You have the freedom to schedule the time, frequency, and interval of your lessons. All you need is a steady Internet connection and you’re good to go. With the current technology in online communication, it would be next to impossible for you to encounter major technical glitches which will affect your work. And even if such incidents occur, it’s now easier to access troubleshooting information.

Ultimately, there’s no harm in considering teaching English online for money. Not only will you make profit from your skill, but you also get to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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