How to Create an Online Learning Business

Online learning is trending to becoming a lucrative business. The industry is not just for people in the academic world. In fact, the most successful online tutors teach useful skills rather than university subjects. If you have a skill that you are confident with, you can also become a part of this industry. You can sell classes online and make a living from it.

Before you can start making money, you should first find the best free platform for hosting online courses.

Learning Platform Definition

An e-learning platform is a software or an online service that allows non-technical people to post courses and sell classes online. This social learning and education platform online also allows the teacher or tutor to monetize his courses through credit card payments.

The platform needs to be user-friendly to both the teacher and the student. Among the many platforms emerging today, two types are becoming popular among first adapters to this industry.

Two Types of e learning platforms

To start earning from the e-learning industry, you need to choose whether to become a member of websites like TruAcademy or to create your own website with the best online course platforms.

Websites like TruAcademy create a course marketplace where learners and instructors meet. Their platform provides instructors with tools for creating an online class. By signing up in websites like these, you no longer need to worry about the technical stuff of building a website and maintaining. You can simply focus on making the course better and marketing it.

While Udemy is the most popular, you should check out other platforms that offer the same services. Some websites post e-learning platforms lists and comparisons to make it easier for instructors to choose.

While creating a course in websites like TruAcademy is free and hassle-free, the website takes a cut from your income from the classes. If you want to host online courses on your own website on the other hand, you will have full ownership of everything you include in the course. However, you will have to pay for your hosting and domain name service providers.

If you are just starting out, TruAcademy may be a good place to start. As your courses gain popularity, you may want to create and sell awesome online courses using the TruAcademy platform.

How to create an online course with TruAcademy

After deciding on the platform to use, you should start learning how to create an online course for free. If you do decide to use TruAcademy as your free online e-course hosting open source platform, you will have no problems in setting it up.

By using TruAcademy as your  e learning platform CMS, you will have an easy to use backend for your website. You don’t have to learn to code to create and manage your site. All the design and functional features can be added without typing a single line of code.

Develop your course making skills

To develop online training courses for free, you need to have the technical skills needed. You need to be able to edit a video. You should also have command of your chosen language. Most importantly, you should be able to organize information in a written form.

You should not feel intimidated because there are free tutorials online on how to do these tasks. Most of the tools that you will be using will also be free. You can use free video editing software like Virtualdub or Windows Movie maker. If you want to make a book for your course, you can just use your preinstalled word processor.

If you don’t want to learn these skills, you could just hire people to take your video and edit it for you. While you need to spend money to create your course this way, it will just be a one-time expense. The income that you get from your courses will be passive and it will keep coming in as long as you promote your course.

Start creating your first course

You don’t need to start with a three-hour course with your first stint. You can create a 30-minute or 1-hour course to start while you are still learning the ropes. When you are more familiar with the process, you can start creating longer courses. As you become more experienced, your courses will become more organized. As you create your first course, you should aim to add value to the lives of the people you teach and you will become successful.