Teach and Empower with TruAcademy and Teachable Platforms

Teachable.uk is an online hub for teachers where they can share lessons and other teaching resources to other educators around the world. It mainly features ready-made lesson guides that teachers can use as is or modify accordingly to fit their school’s curriculum or personal teaching style.

Having a teachable spirit means that you are willing and ready to be taught or led. This personal characteristic is important among educators who want to be empowering teachers by providing high quality education. However, the grim reality of education budget cuts and demanding workloads can decrease the efficiency of even the most dedicated teachers.

At teachable.net, educators can upload and download learning resources on different subjects ranging from biology, theater, math, to business. The lessons are also categorized depending on the age group it targets. The five main age groups are: KS1 for those ages 5 to 7, KS2 for ages 7 to 11, KS3 for ages 11 to 14, KS4 or GCSE for those aging 14 to 16 years old, and A-level for those ages 16 to 18.


As a teacher, you can benefit from teachable online courses by making use of them in your own classroom. Aside from that, you can also make your own lesson plans available for others to download and apply in their own classes. Teachable.net offers a premium service where educators are guaranteed of higher quality teaching materials that are reviewed and evaluated by the teachable.uk staff. Contributors earn as much as 66% of the sale of each learning resource they write. This setup allows teachers to use their time and resources more efficiently. Each downloadable resource material can also be previewed before purchase.

Teachers can also use teachable.uk as a way to get feedback on the teaching materials they develop. Constructive criticism paves the way for more top quality and relevant resources that will benefit students in the long run.

Schools can also adapt teachable.uk resources into their curriculum by purchasing school-licensed packages from the site. This can be a more cost-effective way for school administrators to train multiple teachers all at once while also achieving the same results with their students.

Teaching, as both a profession and vocation, requires the lifelong learning of new topics and unlearning of old practices. In the information age now, students can acquire knowledge easily through different teaching methods. However, it is your responsibility as an educator to look for and deploy modern teaching styles that will provide students not only with the rote knowledge yet also empower them along the way. This is the way teaching evolves in this age and how you adapt to this will definitely be an example of a teachable moment for future generations of educators.

Innovative sites like TruAcademy.com and teachable.uk are the start of an education revolution. With its help, educators all around the world are not only limited to instructing about English Literature teachable quotes, A-levels teachable moment definitions, or standardized teachable synonyms. Educators will truly become empowered teachers who have access to the right resources and have the capacity to help develop youngsters into their full potential.