Until the early 2000s, learning normally took place in a classroom. Any other method of learning was frowned upon and perceived as inferior. Then came the internet and suddenly learning was taken to a whole new level. What is E-Learning and what has it become? E-learning was born and the rest is history. What is E-learning? E-learning is also known as electronic learning or web-based learning, refers to training or educating people using electronic media.

Currently there are many electronic learning system also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and techniques which allow courses to be delivered to the learner. This has endeared web-based learning to most people as it is affordable and can fit in the schedule of the busiest person.

Benefits of e learning

Global availability 24/7

Traditional learning methods require the trainer and student to interact face to face. As a result, it can only take place during specific hours. Since most conventional learning take place within office hours, working people often have a hard time balancing work and studies.

With elearning, once the content is uploaded, it can be accessed by people anywhere in the world, at any time. This means that working people do not have to make a choice between skipping work or classes. They do not have to travel long distances to attend training and can catch up on training outside working hours.

Spans multiple devices

Web-based learning can be accessed on various devices including tablets, smartphones and computers. This makes it easily available as it puts the course content in the hands of people who need to learn.


Conventional learning can put some learners in awkward or embarrassing situations. This happen when a leaner has learning difficulties, is older or younger unlike most of other students or simply does not fit in. As a result, such people may experience difficulties and opt to drop out of the class.

Since e learning only requires the leaner to have an appropriate device to access the course content wherever they are, it can be customized to the needs of an individual. As a result a learner tackles the subject at their own pace and time without having to deal with stigma that occurs in a conventional learning environment when a leaner does not fit in.

Edtech Spending Explodes

Proof of the power of e learning can be found in many articles such as this one from Techcrunch. Investment in Edtech is on track to hit $252 billion globally by 2020. The total market is huge. Over $5 trillion per annum globally. Those are some big numbers.

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