What kind of school can you build?

A very nice one!

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  • Each school starts with a clean and modern looking homepage
  • Easily customizable the way you want

Course List

  • All courses are displayed with attractive marketing cards
  • Students can easily scan all your offerings

Course Landing Page

  • Each course has it's own landing page
  • Clean and modern design is customizable
  • Display information about the instructor, lecture list, FAQ and more

Fast Checkout

  • Designed to minimize abandoned carts
  • Fast new account creation combined with payment entry

Lecture Dashboard

  • Students view lectures with this modern dashboard
  • Full list of lectures presented
  • Resizable lecture frame for easy viewing
  • Discussion embedded immediately below lecture for each access

Discussion Forum

  • Create as many topics as desired
  • Embed images as well as text in discussions
  • Rating system to encourage participation