How to add or edit the carousel
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A “Carousel” is usually used at the top of the webpage. It consists of one or more Slides. Each Slide has an image and some text and maybe a button.

An example of a Carousel is seen at the top of this webpage:


Your webpage starts with a Carousel. But if you needed to add one, just click on the SECTIONS button on the top.


A list of possible Sections is displayed. Clicking on Add Carousel will add a Carousel to your webpage.

To customize your carousel, please refer to the image below:

  1. Up/Down Arrow – use this to move your carousel around
  2. Resize Button – use this to resize your carousel
    1. Click on the Resize button
    2. The resizer will appear on the bottom and drag it up or down to resize your image
  3. Trash Icon – deletes the whole carousel section
  4. Button Settings – please refer to the image below
    1. Edit Link – Enables you to customize the link the button click will redirect you to.
    2. Remove Button – Hides the button
  5. Button Font Color – Allows you to change the font colors
    1. Click on the paintbrush to edit the colors of the text on the button
    2. Click on the color selector to open the color picker
    3. Select a color and click on ok, 
    4. Click save and close
  6. Background Button – allows you to edit the background of the carousel
    1. Click on the background icon
    2. A pop up will appear. Please refer to the image below: 
      1. Colors – allows you to pick a color from the picker as a background color
      2. Presets – allows you to pick from a set of images TruAcademy has provided
      3. Upload – allows you to upload your own image
      4. Uploads – storage of where all your uploads go
  7. Add Slide Button – allows you to add more slides to your carousel.
    1. Click on the add slide button
    2. You will have successfully added a slide. You may click this again to add more slides.
  8. Trash Icon – deletes the current slide

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