How to change section background color or image

Each Section can have it’s own background color or image. Changing them is easy.

First go to the homepage editor by clicking on “homepage editor” under the school website button found on your dashboard.

1. When hovering over a section, a menu will appear on the top right corner. Click on the image icon.


2. At the bottom of the browser, a tab will appear that has three titles: Color, Presets and Upload.



Color is the default setting. You can select a color from the palette shown. Or you can enter a hexadecimal value.


We have provided a number of preset images to choose from separated into different groups:


Select which group you’d like to view and then scroll through the sample images.
After selecting your image, click on the Save icon.
If you want to clear the image, click on the Eraser.


Many times you’ll wish to upload your own image for the background.
Click on Upload and a file browser will appear.
Select your image and press Open.
Your image will be automatically saved
To clear the image, either replace with another or click on the Eraser.


And as always, when you are done, don’t forget to save



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