How to create an ecourse package
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Create ecourse packages to encourage students to take more classes. Here’s how:

1. On the DASHBOARD page click on the +COURSE PACKAGE button found on the upper right corner.


2. Create a COURSE PACKAGE TITLE , click on the boxes of the corresponding courses you want to include, and set a price (usually cheaper than getting each of the classes separately)


3. Once you’ve filled the form out, click on CREATE NEW PACKAGE 


4. You will be taken back to the DASHBOARD page where you can see the Marketing Card for the Course Package you just created


To edit the course landing page, you can only edit the heading as of now.

This is what it looks like without a heading:

Go to your dashboard and click on view package on the course package you’ve created.

  1. Click on Heading
  2. Type on replace me
  3.  Example Heading:
  4. This is what it looks like with the heading:


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