How to customize school emails
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Most communication with your students will be done through email. For example, when students enroll in a course, they are sent an email.

If you are on the proper payment plan, you can also create emails which are sent on various triggers. For example, you could create emails to be sent when students complete each lecture.

Emails are sent using a standard template which can include the following items which you can edit:

  1. Header background color
  2. Logo / Name of school if you don’t have a logo
  3. Business name (required by law)
  4. Unsubscribe link (required by law)

To edit this, on your dashboard, go to settings, then click on email

You will be redirected to the email settings

    1. If you have your own email server, put it here. If not, it will automatically be
    2. Company Info should be the name of your school with an address (required by law)
    3. This should redirect you to a page where your students can unsubscribe from your emails (required by law)
    4. This is where you can change the color of your header background
    5. This is where you can change the color of your header text which will only appear if you are not using your logo.
    6. Email template button lets you preview your email (click save first)
    7. Test email will send a sample email to an email address you provide

  1. Fidget around and once you’re happy, click save.


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