How to display icons row
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The icons row is a section on your homepage or landing page which can give extra spice to the look of your website.

  1. Go to your dashboard, go to school website and then click on homepage editor
  2. You will be redirected to the homepage editor, click on sections then click on add icons
  3. The icons row will show at the top. Please refer to the image below:
    1. Up/Down Button – allows you to move section around
    2. Add Button – allows you to add one more icon
    3. Resize Button – allows you to expand/shrink your section
    4. Background Button – allows you to change the background of your section
    5. Trash Icon – deletes your section
  4. For the options for the icons, please refer to the image below:
    1. Icon – clicking on the icon allows you to change the icon image
      1. Click on the image, an option to change your icon will appear. Choose from the icons
      2. Once you click on an icon, it will change immediately.
    2. Settings – allows you to insert a link in the “get started”
    3. Image – allows you to upload an image as the icon. The uploader/browser will appear, simply select your image and the icon will change
    4. Trash Icon – deletes the current icon
  5. Click Save

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