How to edit my course landing page
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The course landing page is the first page the student sees when he’s trying to view your course. It is important that you customize this as it will allow students to read an overview of what the course is about and entice the students to enroll

  1.  On the dashboard, scroll down to the course you’d like to edit and click on “edit landing page
  2. Once redirected to the course landing page editor, click on sections
  3. A drop down menu will appear, please refer to the image below for further information:
    1. Add Featurette -Refer to the image below for all options to edit your featurette
      1. Up/Down Arrow – allows you to move  the featurette around
      2. Left/Right Arrow – allows you to switch default title and the image
      3. Resize – allows you to resize the featurette
      4. Background – allows you to change the background of the featurette
        1. Color: allows you to choose a solid color for your background
        2. Presets: allows you to choose from pre-uploaded backgrounds
        3. Upload:
        4. Uploads: here you will see all images you’ve uploaded
      5. Trash Icon – allows you to delete the featurette

      Other things you could do with the featurette (please refer to the image below)

      1. Multimedia Box – you can replace this with a video or an image. Simply click on it to open up a file uploader
      2. Default Title – change this to suit your preference, simply erase and type.
      3. Description – you can write up any description you’d like, or you could also erase it

    2. Add Icons – Please refer to the image below for all options to edit your icons


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