How to add a quiz
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After adding lectures to your ecourses, add quizzes to check on your students’ progress.

Note: You can only add quizzes if you already have at least one(1) SECTION and one(1) LECTURE. To find out how, read:

How to add lecture content


If you already have a section and a lecture, follow these simple steps to add quizzes:

1. On the DASHBOARD page, go to the marketing card of the ecourse you want to add a quiz to. Then, click on the +EDIT button 


2. Click on the +ADD QUIZ button


3. A pop-up window will appear. Type in the Quiz Title and hit SUBMIT


4. Once you hit SUBMIT you will be taken back to the ECOURSE EDITOR page. Click on the TITLE of the quiz you created to upload content.


5. To add a question, click on the +QUESTION button on the upper right corner of the page


6. Fill in the form. The first box for the question, the second for instructions on how to answer the question


7. Once you hit SUBMIT, you will be taken to the ecourse editing page and you will see the question listed.


8. The next step is to add answers. You can add as many potential answers as you like. Click on the +ANSWER button and a form will appear where you can enter the Answer Text, Explanation Text, and Points.

Answer Text = the possible answer
This is displayed in a multiple choice for the student.

Explanation Text = explanation of why the answer is correct or incorrect.
This is displayed when the quiz is graded.

Points = points awarded.
Award positive points for a correct answer. Like 1, 2 or 3 points.
Award zero or negative points for an incorrect answer.
At the end all question points are added up for the students final score.


9. Afterwards, the answers are listed below the question. To edit or delete any answer click on the three vertical dots.

To know more about adding or editing your quiz, click here.



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