What is a favicon?

Favicon is also know as:

  • Favorite Icon
  • Shortcut Icon
  • Website Icon
  • Tab Icon
  • URL Icon
  • Bookmark Icon

It is the icon associated with a particular website or webpage. Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar, sometimes in the history page and next to the page’s name if you list it as a bookmark.

How to make your own Favicon (Basic)

There are advanced ways of making a Favicon but we will teach you how to create one in an easy way:

  1. Using Microsoft Paint
    1. Open your image via Microsoft Paint. Do this by right clicking on your image, hover on “Open With” and click on Paint
    2. Click on File/Menu (The first button found in Paint), hover on “save as” and choose BMP file.
    3. Once saved, right click on the file and click on “rename
    4. Replace the “.bmp” to “.ico
    5.  A pop up will appear that simply warns you that you are about to change the format of your file. Click on yes
    6. You’ve successfully created a Favicon!

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